Battery issues

1. NOT charging
2. Battery cannot be detected
3. Power NOT working with battery
4. Have trouble charging
5. Irregular charging issues

Power issues

1. Power Not functioning
2. Irregular connection
3. Power not working with adapter
4. With power machine hanging
5. With power machine heating

Fan issues

1. Over heating
2. Machine shutdown with heating
3. Fan not working
4. Fan creating noise
5. Fan not working showing in BIOS

Hard disk drive issues

1. Showing blue screen error
2. OS does not Start
3. Invisible hard disk
4. OS corrupt Before
5. Hdd creating noise

Keyboard issue

1. Some keys not working/missing
2. Some keys working automatic
3. Keyboard STOP Working
4. Keyboard creating noise
5. Liquid fell on keyboard

Display issues

1. Dim display
2. White display
3. Flickering display
4. Some lines on display
5. Black/blank display

Motherboard issues

1. USB not working
2. Power Not functioning
3. Touch pad not working
4. Trouble with speaker
5. Power On malfunction
6. Liquid fell on motherboard

Repair broken hinges and body

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