IT Park Australia is a division of BIZVEW SysTech.  IT Park Australia in Ipswich is unlike any other computer repair company out there. We are able to come on site and perform computer repair services to you, in your home, at nearly any location in the Ipwich and Brisbane. We are located in 14 South Station Road, Booval, QLD 4304. 

We do computers, laptops, mobiles & tablets repairs, sales and service in Ipswich and Brisbane area. We are expert in desktop it support, website design and hosting, database development in Ipswich, QLD, Australia.

When you call IT Park Australia Australia you get experienced and knowledgeable technicians at your service to come resolve any problem that you encounter. When the computer repairs are being done on site, home or business, you can feel comfortable that the technician can explain everything in person and in terms that you can understand. Many times technicians are available same day and are able to come at a time that is convenient for you.

BIZVEW SysTech is a company built on providing quality, creative and strategic mobile Apps and Web Design. We will develop in-house Apps which we will monetize and develop Apps for others which we will charge consulting fees to. By providing a turnkey one stop solution for App development our company assures clients a cohesive finished product with a support team that has built the App.
Our company is strong in the creative process and development of Apps that have the aesthetic appeal as well as functionality to bring them to the top of an App store. Be it the Apple App Store, the Google Android Marketplace, or some other App purchasing venue our products stand out. The BIZVEW SysTech services include creating all the packaging materials needed to distribute and monetize an App and Website.



Our main objective is to ensure that each and every business enterprise should get the access of Web Technologies to reach out billions of people and to prospect them in this competitive Ipswich.


We're here to deliver service with a professional attitude, high value towards client relationship, optimist thinking to execute the work, to set a perfect approach through excellent research, implementing the latest technologies and applications for the best outcome of result in the market for the services we provide.



Computer systems are made up of a multitude of different hardware components and an even more varied collection of software applications. With such a vast array of possible combinations it is no wonder that so many things can go wrong. Being able to identify these problems quickly and efficiently is the black art of computer troubleshooting!

Home users or business environments can encounter apparently unexplained computer failures at any time. These failures are not only frustrating for the user but can also become quite costly as, with any business, "time is money"!



Importance of Corporate Training:

Improves morale of employees- Training helps the employee to get job security and job satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee is and the greater is his morale, the more he will contribute to organizational success and the lesser will be employee absenteeism and turnover.

Less supervision- A well trained employee will be well acquainted with the job and will need less of supervision. Thus, there will be less wastage of time and efforts.


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